Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

We provide solutions with maintenance for operating buildings effectively and efficiently”. Enhancing asset value facilities management is a concept gaining acceptance as it is critical to maintaining and enhancing asset values of properties. Our services in this category includes office maintenance services, house maintenance services, residential building maintenance, corporate building maintenance services, professional manpower management, engineering as well as other equipment management and other allied managing facilities. In addition to this, we also undertake minor repair, which are essential to maintain properties to international standards. Our services caters to the requirements of malls, group housing societies, corporate buildings and important offices


Checking services:


We undertake checking services for various types of equipment in corporate, residential and commercial establishments. These include systematic checking of elevators & escalators, transformers, fire fighting system & equipments, security equipments, sewage treatment plant, water treatment plant and various other equipment. Using the latest techniques and equipment, these checking services are done on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.


Daily Check

  • Keeping a check on DG Set by maintaining log books
  • Temperature of Chilled water, Discharge pressure, load of AC Plant
  • Water Tank Filling
  • Voltage and Power factor of L.T. Panel check
  • Every hour load check of all the equipments
  • Checking of Fire System & Equipments
  • Checking of Security Equipment.


Weekly Checking

  • AHU Servicing
  • Exhaust Fan Cleaning
  • Thorough check of LT Panel
  • Checking of Fire Extinguisher
  • Servicing of Boom Barrier.


Monthly Checking/Servicing

  • All Pump Servicing like: Jockey pump, Fire Hydrant, sprinkler, chilled water pump, etc.
  • Transformer check
  • Checking of Voltage Fluctuation Device
  • Servicing of BMS Panels
  • Servicing of Elevator


Half Yearly Checking/Servicing

  • Servicing of DG Sets
  • Annual Service/Check
  • Servicing of AC Plant