Security Services

Security Services

“We Provide Professionals to Ensure Secure Environment”

Modern living is progressively becoming more complex and insecure. People holding important offices, businesses along with housing societies and malls acknowledge the need to ensure personal and business security. Hence, we provide a solution to their requirement by delivering security services including office security services, residential security guards, business security services, industrial security services and commercial security services and ensure that their need are duly and timely met.


Commercial Security Services:

We are engaged in offering commercial security services for various buildings, business houses, malls and group housing societies. For this, we provide security professionals having vast experience in their respective domain. Our professionals undergo intensive training to endow them with the ability to efficiently handle all manners of emergencies and contingencies. Further, our security personnel are well trained in advanced electronic security system, that allows to keep close watch on the entire premises.

Our Vision

“To be the landmark of secure environment”

Petal Management Services Pvt. Ltd. assists in providing buildings, business houses, malls and group housing societies a peaceful and tension free environment for the optimum efficiency.

Our Approach

“To feel you walk in a secure environment”

Our approach towards making you feel secured, we have professionals in security with ultimate experience. Our professionals undergo intensive training regimes to endow them with the ability to adeptly handle all manners of emergencies and contingencies.

In our commercial security services, we provide security professionals such as:

• Security Guards
• Corporate Security Guards
• Residential Security Guards
• Industrial Security Guards
• Security Supervisors
• Security Officers
• Custom Protection Officers

Our professionals, those are well trained in electronic security system, ensure Safety & Security of the premises by keeping a close eye on the movement through close circuit television and have a excess control from the main entrance onwards by using excess control card to open the Boom Barrier. To have a quick communication and maintain the secrecy, our professional uses the walkie-talkie with the code words.

To have a control system on visitor, our professional follows the Gate Pass Procedure. For material, Procedure is divided into two parts “Returnable Gate Pass & Non-Returnable Gate Pass”. And visitor is only allowed to enter in premises after the proper identification & entry made at the entrance.